Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Chef Marc's Meal Prep & Delivery LA

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chef Marc’s Meal Prep differ from other meal delivery services?

We are a custom meal delivery service featuring a French trained Personal Chef and Nutritionist preparing all of your meals. We specialize in Keto, Paleo and Healthy Diet meal plans that we will customize to help you achieve you health and fitness goals whether it’s weight loss, health issues, sports training etc.


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the greater Los Angeles area and Orange county.


What is the delivery schedule?

We deliver to your door 3 times per week with deliveries on Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday late afternoon, early evening. The meals are packed in a thermal bag with ice packs that keep the meals fresh for 4 hours.


How do I choose the meal plan that’s right for me? 

Our  meals are all-natural and hand prepared from scratch in our 100% gluten-free kitchen:

Keto Diet

Low carb and high saturated fat diet designed for rapid weight loss, greater mental clarity and increased energy and stamina.

Paleo Diet

Low carb, dairy and grain free diet designed for weight loss, increased energy and lean muscle.

Healthy Diet

Low carb and lean protein diet designed for weight loss and overall health and vitality.


What is the best diet for weight loss?

Keto will produce rapid weight loss if you are dedicated in your approach and do a full 7 day plan. Both Paleo and Healthy Diet are also very effective for weight loss. All three restrict your carb intake while promoting healthy weight loss.


What is the difference between Keto and Paleo diets?

Both restrict carb intake. Keto adds healthy saturated fats to convert the body to a fat burning machine. Paleo is dairy and grain free and adds healthy lean proteins to a low carb diet without the saturated fats. Both are very effective for weight loss.


Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum weekly order is 12 meals and you can choose a mix of  Breakfast-Lunches-Dinners as you like.


How do I adjust my delivery and what is the cancellation policy?

It is an ongoing weekly service and we will plan on delivering a full weeks worth of meals starting each Sunday. If you have schedule changes please let us know by the Friday before or 2 days notice, and will adjust your delivery and bill for the week. You can cancel at anytime but we do request a weeks notice in advance.


How do I pay?

You can place you initial weekly order here on our site. After that we send you a PayPal payment request each Friday.